تدمير منصات التجار (أبو النقود)
معلومات تقنية

Some servants spoke of leaving behind a scaffold just outside the Merchant King's quarters. I could use the passage they took to bring a scaffold up there. It will bring me closer to my target.


أساسنز كريد

نوع الذاكرة



Stealth Assassination


Flag Collection

معلومات تاريخية

الطائر بن لا أحد


Damascus, Syria



Merchant Stand Destruction (أبو النقود) هي تمثيل لإحدى الذكريات الوراثية للطائر بن لا أحد، والتي كشفها ديزموند مايلز في 2012باستخدام الأنيموس.


الطائر met an Informant, who requested the Assassin's help with destroying the stands of corrupt merchants in the market, in exchange for information on the Merchant King.


الطائر approached the Informant in an alley.

  • Informant: Hold a moment, الطائر! I have a strange request, but perhaps you'll see fit to assist me. I know you seek the Merchant King's life, but there are others in the city, just as cruel. Several shopkeepers in this district have taken to selling rotten meat. It's cheap for them to acquire, and they care little for the illness that it causes. Several children have already died as a result. We should not allow this injustice to continue. Would you be willing to put a stop to this?

الطائر destroyed the stands of the corrupt merchants and returned to the Informant.

  • Informant: Thank you, brother. You've saved untold lives. In return for your kindness, I'll give you a bit of information you might find useful. I overheard two of the Merchant King's servants this morning. It seems they've left some scaffolding, just outside his personal quarters. You could use it to reach him that much quicker.


الطائر learned of a scaffolding outside أبو النقود's personal quarters, which could be used to easily reach him.



قالب:ذكريات أساسنز كريد

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