تجميع الرايات (ويليام من مونفرات)
معلومات تقنية

William retreats to the back of his citadel whenever challenged by King Richard's authority. The precarious relationship between the two men seems to have spread to their own hosts, causing no small amount of tension. I suspect William's citadel to be densely populated with men loyal to him alone.


أساسنز كريد

نوع الذاكرة





Merchant Stand Destruction

معلومات تاريخية

الطائر بن لا أحد


Acre, قالب:Wiki



Flag Collection (ويليام من مونفرات) هي تمثيل لإحدى الذكريات الوراثية للطائر بن لا أحد، والتي كشفها ديزموند مايلز في 2012باستخدام الأنيموس.


الطائر met with an Informant, who wanted to test the Assassin by having him retrieve Masyaf flags hidden within King Richard's district, in exchange for information on ويليام من مونفرات.


الطائر approached the Informant near the citadel.

  • Informant: Back again, الطائر? Always in need of a hand to do your dirty work. This time المعلم did not order anything, it is just for my own pleasure that I ask you to find some Masyaf flags I've hidden in Richard's district. Since I am a loyal Assassin, unlike others, I will tell you what people are saying in Acre. It is important information. But this time, try to come back to me faster than the first time.

الطائر retrieved 20 flags scattered around the area, and returned to the Informant.

  • Informant: Your hard work is changing my opinion of you. Here is what I know about ويليام من مونفرات – he and Richard had a disagreement before the King left for قالب:Wiki. Since then, William stays in his citadel, surrounded by his army. Do you have what it takes to attack him in this protected environment? We'll see, but I am still doubtful.


الطائر learned that William retreated inside the citadel whenever he was challenged by King Richard.



قالب:ذكريات أساسنز كريد

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